Pool of Representatives

As the voice of YFU organizations in Europe, EEE-YFU represents YFU in the European public arena, often in partnership with other youth organizations. Since 2009, the Pool of Representatives (PoR), a group of engaged volunteers, has actively supported the Global Office to ensure that YFU is well represented externally. The PoR is being renewed in late 2024.

Joining the PoR 

EEE-YFU offers volunteers the opportunity to represent YFU at the international level and further develop their knowledge and skills in international youth work, European policy, Non-Formal Education (including NFIL), and external representation.

As a member of the PoR, representatives have the chance to represent YFU at seminars, meetings, conferences, and other events and structures at the European and international levels.

If you are motivated and have experience within YFU, you are welcome to apply. The call for PoR is open until end of July 2024. All information is shared throughout the YFU network and on YFU Social Media.

While background knowledge is relevant, it is of secondary importance. We are looking for volunteers with ambition and skills in representation, argumentation, networking and presenting - and of course, a heart full of YFU spirit!


Before taking the final decision to join the team of representatives, volunteers should aware of the level of involvement and commitment in the PoR: 

Representatives regularly represent YFU with specific institutions and often need a high level of involvement and availability. They regularly follow policy-making in fields relevant to YFU and actively seek opportunities for engagement and partnerships. Additionally, they support YFU's mission at the national level through national advocacy efforts. Representatives are also expected to report from activities and when possible, to disseminate the information on national and international levels. 

Please note that new representatives, before officially starting their mandate, must participate in a 5-day in-person training course taking place in Switzerland 13 – 17 November 2024.

Apply through the button below by 31st July 2024

Meet current representatives

Taru Granholm

Hi there! I'm Taru (she/her), and I currently work as Communications and Advocacy Specialist at the YFU Global Office, which means I coordinate and oversee the work of the Pool of Representatives. I have been involved in EEE-YFU and its advocacy since early 2022. I've represented YFU in platforms such as the European Youth Forum and the Life-long Learning Platform. In the future I hope to see more partnerships with fellow educational organizations.

Sina Riz à Porta

Hello! My name is Sina (she/her) and after many years of engaging in advocacy in YFU and elsewhere, I am now a Board Member of the European Youth Forum, a platform representing over 100 youth organizations across Europe.

Riikka Pasanen

Hi! I'm Riikka (she/her) and currently I serve as a Member of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe on the 2024-2025 mandate. I am a member of the Programming Committee on Youth, which means I work closely with the European Youth Foundation supporting youth civil society with funding. I have also been the main delegate for EEE-YFU at the European Youth Forum since 2021.

Sebastian Lindt

Hey! I'm Sebastian (he/him) and I've represented EEE-YFU in the EU Youth Dialogue in Sweden and Belgium during the 9th and 10th cycles, and in the European Youth Forum, where I've attended the latest General Assembly.