Involving Youth

in EEE-YFU's advocacy work

EEE-YFU believes that young people should have the possibility to make their voice heard in the public arena, and be able to influence policies that affect their lives. Participation is at the core of active citizenship. Learn how you can participate!

Our Pool of Representatives

The Pool of Representatives (PoR) is a network of motivated YFU volunteers eager to further develop their skills and represent EEE-YFU in different areas. The Pool of Representatives was established at the end of 2009, consisting of about 20-25 volunteers from across Europe, with different levels of experience and areas of interest in advocacy and representation.

EEE-YFU gives volunteers the opportunity to represent YFU at international level and further develop their knowledge and skills in the field of international-level youth work, European policy, and external representation. Members of the PoR have the chance to represent YFU in seminars, meetings, conferences and other events and structures at European, and international level.

The Pool of Representatives unfortunately went inactive during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

EEE-YFU is looking to restart PoR activities in late 2024. More information and call for applications will be shared in the upcoming months.


The objectives of the Pool of Representatives are to: 

  • Increase the representation and visibility of EEE-YFU in events and fora
  • Increase networking with stakeholders
  • Contribute to advocate in favour of EEE-YFU’s positions
  • Collect relevant policy information

Every year, we open a few spots to allow new members to join the PoR. 

EEE-YFU Advocacy participants

Our voice in the Structured Dialogue

EEE-YFU places great value to the Structured Dialogue process, which provides young people with a great chance to connect with decision-makers, raise their needs and views, and contribute to shape youth policies.
Since 2013, EEE- YFU has been involved in Structured Dialogue. We have conducted consultations with our volunteers and member organisations; we have been communicating regularly with the European Youth Forum, we have participated in European Youth Conferences; and, together with YEU, we designed and disseminated a toolkit on the Structured Dialogue.
Within our Pool of Representatives, a member is appointed as “Structured Dialogue Representative” and is in charge of following the process, facilitating consultations, and raising awareness among our member organisations around this process. Additionally, information about the consultations and overall about structured dialogue is disseminated through our volunteers’ newsletter, that reaches out 1000 people.