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As the voice of YFU organisations on European level, EEE-YFU represents YFU in the European public arena, often in partnership with other youth organisations. The Pool of Representatives (PoR), comprising of about 20 YFU volunteers from all across Europe, actively supports EEE-YFU to ensure that YFU is well represented externally. Now we are looking for new members to join the PoR for a two-year mandate.

What opportunities are there for you? 

EEE-YFU would like to give volunteers the opportunity to represent YFU at international level and further develop their knowledge and skills in the field of international-level youth work, European policy and external representation. By becoming a member of the PoR, you will have the chance to represent YFU in seminars, meetings, conferences and other events and structures at European and international level. 

What will you be doing? 
Before starting their mandate in PoR, applicants have to participate in an online training course on advocacy. Levels of involvement and commitment in the PoR can vary significantly depending on the category the member belongs to:

  1. Permanent Representatives regularly represent EEE-YFU with specific institutions/ and are often required a high level of involvement and availability; 
  2. Associate Representatives are informed about other external representation opportunities, when they arise, and they are selected to attend (they are required a lower level of involvement and availability). 

What makes you a suitable representative?
If you are motivated and have experience within YFU, you are welcome to apply for the PoR. Background knowledge is also relevant, but of secondary importance. 

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The next opportunity to join will be in January 2019, stay tuned! 

At that time we will publish the application form below, as soon as we are welcoming new representatives. Please complete it and send it to your national YFU organisation, which will decide which applicants to nominate and forward their applications to EEE-YFU.